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Nov 1

Last Saturday, my five year old lost her first tooth. I hadn’t given a lot of thought as to what it would feel like when she started losing teeth. It never occurred to me that it would be emotional at all really.

Around a week before, I had just gotten out of the shower when she came running and screaming…

Momma! Momma! I HAVE A LOOSE TOOTH!!

No you don’t.

Yes, I do! Feel it!

*I wiggle it*

Ahhhhhhh! OH MY GOODNESS! *Giggles, shrieks, and jumping up and down together followed*

Then I started to get a little sad. I told her how her daddy and I had watched and waited for the first sign of a tooth to pop through those shiny pink gums not so long ago. I explained how her loose tooth was reminding me how fast she is growing up. She gave me a comforting hug, like it all made sense to her.

So last Saturday we yank it. She was a complete bad ass. I don’t know why I was surprised because she is a champ in every sense of the word, but she was ready and excited and there was not a shred of apprehension in her as I tied a knot of dental floss around that tooth.

That night we put it in a pouch I had made for her and tucked it under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. She awoke to a glittery dollar and a receipt from the tooth fairy. Big Stuff.

Last night as I’m tucking her in she asked me if the Tooth Fairy is real.

You tell me. What happened when you put your tooth under your pillow?

I got a dollar.

How do you think it got there?

I think you put it there.

What about the shiny glitteryness of it?

You could of just used glitter glue.

Did someone say something to you?


What about the Easter Bunny? Do you believe in him?

Yes! Because those carrots were gone and you and daddy wouldn’t eat off the ground.

What about Santa Clause?

Yes. People say he’s not real, but I believe in him.

Then what’s up with the Tooth Fairy?

I just think it was you. Did you keep my tooth?

Yes. But if it’s alright, can we just pretend the Tooth Fairy is real for a little while?

Yes. *giggles* Can I see my tooth?

She is so big. I love her so much that it often hurts.

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