Organized Chaos

A chilling tale of life in the Midwest. I'm still adjusting to being a legit thirty-something because my mind is still 19 - maybe? I have an excellent family. It is like we're the Cosbys only we're not lawyers or doctors, we only have two kids, we're white, and poor. Otherwise pretty much exactly. My girls are sugar and spice (literally) and my husband is pretty funny. I can't go to pet stores or I'll bring home another dog and I follow celebrity gossip too closely. Also I...(to be continued)

Apr 18

Mothers who really hate everything about their kids yet try to force relationships resulting in miserable feelings and tension all of the time = my mom.

I know she loves me because I’m her daughter, but she has NEVER liked me - even when I was a kid. If I wasn’t her daughter she’d have nothing to do with me. It makes things weird. I’m fully aware that when she dies I’m going to be sad and miss her, because bad or good she is a huge presence. I just wish it could be good…if only for a little while.

I need therapy. If your own mom doesn’t like you…it does things to your mind. The best part is when she marvels that my husband likes me.

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